Christopher Boots


Christopher Boots is a Melbourne based industrial designer, driven by a love of nature and light.

His handmade work – including lights, furniture and objects – explores the architecture and geometry of organic shapes, and is often inspired by forms found in plants, animals, and minerals. Christopher’s Greek heritage is reflected in his repeated fusion of natural and classical, with mythology a core concept permeating his work.

While the craft of Christopher Boots can be found in London, Vancouver, Singapore and Dubai, all products are handmade in his Melbourne atelier using a broad variety of artisans – amongst them glass blowers, copper smiths, ceramicists, sculptors, and bronze casters, ensuring a commitment to quality. With each project Boots seeks to elevate and transform his materials in a way that highlights their natural beauty.

Christopher graduated from industrial design at the National School of Design (Prahran, 2005). An apprenticeship with lighting pioneer Geoffrey Mance followed, leading to a half decade training in various techniques of designing and making lighting. Christopher launched his studio in 2011 and in the short span of time since, has grown from a one-man-show to a team of 20 people. In late-2014 Christopher Boots designed the legendary Hermes holiday windows for both stores on Madison Avenue, New York City.

Christopher Boots has worked closely with a diversity of clients and collaborators – including Cult, Hermes, National Gallery of Victoria and Elenberg Fraser – to deliver limited-edition and made-to-order products.

Christopher Boots

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