Lignia Dining Table by Mater

designer: Mater

  • Lignia Dining Table by Mater
  • Lignia Dining Table by Mater
  • Lignia Dining Table by Mater
For centuries timber has been prized for it’s beauty and endurance however demand for premium hardwood has put enormous strain on natural resources and many once abundant species have been depleted by harvest – some to extinction. With outstanding sourcing credentials Lignia® and Lignia XD® are premium timbers which have been created from certified sawn plantation timber with colour and performance locked into the core – fit for purpose, plentiful and sustainable. The improvement process starts with blending a simple, safe compound to create the desired color and performance. The formulation is mixed with water (we collect and store our own rain water) then impregnated all the way through FSC sawn and graded timber. After treatment the boards are kiln dried and conditioned to the required moisture content.
Dining 100 x 220 x 75 cm

Lignia hardwood

Wood from New Zealand, frame in recycled aluminum from India. Assembled in Denmark.
Leadtime: 12-16 weeks