Myriad Long Chandelier by Gabriel Scott


The Myriad series is the newest addition to the Gabriel Scott lighting family. Inspired by nature’s bioluminescent organisms,this modular series is made up of the brand’s signature doubleblown glass and satin metallic hardware. Its articulated stems carry the soft-lit pivoting heads to create a delicate, asymmetric and ever-changing silhouette.
These fine, jewel-like fixtures are offered in assorted arrangements and available in various metal and glass finishes.
X-Long (9x): 80” x 20” x 25” H +stem

X-Long (13x): 80” x 20” x 29” H +stem

Long (12x): 64” x 22” x 28” H + stem

Short (7x): 30” x 18” x 25” H + stem
Leadtime: 12-14 Weeks