Seed 04

designer: Bec Brittain

A seed crystal is a tiny crystal used to grow larger crystals; they are order emerging from chaos. Seed is also the name of a series of lamps by Bec Brittain. An armature of round mitered tube defines a chaotic void, yet order is imminent as seeds appear.
Blackened steel
Oil-rubbed bronze
Polished nickel
Brushed brass

Dimensions: L 61" x W 25" x H 19"
Weight: 36lb/16.3kg
Materials: Brass, glass
Suspension: 1/2-inch steel stem in matching metal finish. 35-inch length included with lamp. 96-inch length available for additional cost. Stem length can be adjusted on site.
Canopy: 5-inch round in matching metal finish
Dimmer Compatibility: Triac/Phase-Cut
Leadtime: 16 Weeks