Stickbulb Bang Floor Lamp

designer: Stickbulb

  • Stickbulb Big Bang Floor Lamp

Inspired by the dynamic shapes of exploding fireworks and reminiscent of abstract trees, the Bang Series rides the line between timeless minimalism and playful whimsy. The Big Bang Floor Lamp stands at an impressive 9 feet in height and is offered in maple, walnut, reclaimed southern yellow pine, or a mixed wood version which includes all three in addition to reclaimed boardwalk ipe. The metal connecting the hardware is available in powder coated white, powder coated slate grey, or blackened steel. The lamp is supplied with an eight foot cord and a detachable adapter. Small metal feet are optional but included with the lamp for projects that require UL listing.

Available in Maple, Walnut, Reclaimed Southern Yellow Pine or Ebonzied Oak

Matte White, Matte Slate Grey, Matte Black, Blackened Steel, Polished Nickel or Polished Brass

(blackened steel, nickel and brass are $400 additional)

Big Bang $2850

Dimensions: 26.75”L X 21.5”W X 108.5”H

Cord Length: 9 Feet

Middle Bang $1950

Dimensions:18”L X 17”W X 61”H

Cord Length: 8 Feet

Little Bang $1100

Dimensions:14.5”L X 9.5”W X 31”H
Cord Length: 8 Feet

Lamp Type: LED

Bulbs: 6 X 60W (total) 12V LED modules, 747 diodes, 3344 lumens

Lamping Options:

Output: 75 or 142 Lumens per ft.

Color Temperature: 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K

Stickbulb's portable fixture products carry a lead time of 4 weeks.