Andy Warhol - Marilyn - Byske Nordic Raw 031AK

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Henzel Studio is honored to collaborate with The Andy Warhol Foundation of Visual Arts on a groundbreaking collection of handmade art rugs and accompanying pillows that brings to light one of Warhol’s most obscure works, while paying homage to his most iconic and popular subject; Marilyn Monroe. Andy Warhol remains one of the most influential visual artists of modern times. With a background as a highly successful commercial artist, Warhol reinvented himself as a famous Pop Artist.

The original Monroe portraits have been deconstructed and appropriated by Calle Henzel. Henzel has applied his signature design characteristics; free-form organic shapes, strategically placed holes, uneven punk-like fringes and elaborate surface treatments.

Versions 031A, 031B, 031C, 031D, 031E, 031F, 031G, 031H, 031J, 031K available. Please refer to images for applicable color scheme. Images are in order from A-K.

Each is an edition of 250.

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Marilyn, 1967

Design by Calle Henzel

Byske Nordic Raw Mini 031A - K, 2015

Hand knotted rug, silk, 150 knot, free-form

80 x 130 cm (31.5 x 51 ins)

Edition of 250

Custom size upon request

Numbered. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
Subject to availability.

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Andy Warhol - Marilyn - Byske Nordic Raw 031A-K