Branching Burst BU.06.02

designer: Lindsey Adelman


The Burst series is designed by Lindsey Adelman and inspired by combining the look of vintage French jewelry — especially 1930s-era Lanvin collarettes — with a Medieval flail. Burst BU.06.02 uses the same essential vocabulary as the Branching series. For Burst, glass bubbles are punctuated by hand-blown glass spikes and “barnacles,” which have been rolled in 24 karat gold foil.


Brushed Brass or Vintage Brass

Glass Colorway:

Clear or Grey


Machined Brass, Glass, Cast Objects

H 30” x W 90” x D 27”

Weight: 32 lbs


Combination with 9” globes, 7” globes, spikes and glass barnacle with brass stamens

Suspensions: Aircraft Cable

Canopy: Dia. 5” x H .25” canopy with cable grip hardware (2 hanging points)

Shades: Combination of glass 9” globes, 7” globes, spikes and glass barnacles with brass stamens


120V Quad Loop Edison e26 60w

or 220/230V Quad Loop Edison e27 60w


If in-stock 4 weeks, subject to availability and production schedule