Burst BU.10.01

designer: Lindsey Adelman

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The Burst series designed by Lindsey Adelman is inspired by the look of vintage French jewelry with a Medieval flail. Burst BU.10.01 is an explosion of hand blown glass bubbles that are punctuated by glass spikes and “barnacles,” which have been rolled in 24 karat gold foil.


Brushed Brass or Vintage Brass

Glass Colorway:

Clear or Grey

H 33" x W 39” x D 36”


Includes 36” or 72” stem that can be cut on-site. Longer lengths available upon request.


Dia 5” x H .25”


Machined Brass, Glass


Combination of glass 9” globes, 7” globes, spikes and barnacles with brass stamens


120V Quad Loop Edison e26 60w or 220/230V Quad Loop Edison e27 60w

Leadtime: If in-stock 4 weeks, subject to availability and production schedule