Claesson Koivisto Rune w126 f

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Historic industrial design icons such as the Starship Enterprise or the Citroën’s steering wheel were inspirational when designing the w126 uplighter. Admittedly two quite technical examples, but this is a lamp that demanded both highly advanced engineering and a bit of iconicity. Two powerful and separate LED light sources, one up and one down, with separate dimming allows you to set the light to any desired ambience. No need for a manual. Two simple touch buttons makes operating instinctive. However, this lamp does not fly through outer space, nor does it roam the highway, but stands in an architectural context. Significant in expression, yes. But reduced in form and shape to feel at home in your room. Claesson Koivisto Rune
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Lead Time: 12 weeks
Designer: Wastberg
Material: Die-cast aluminium shade, dimmer housing and base. The tubes are made of aluminum. Available in White, Grey, and Orange. Light source: 46 W + 28 W LED Light source included Colour temperature: 3.000 K CRI: > 85 Lumen: 7.500 Lumen / W: 100 LED Life-time: 50.000 h Available in Floor Lamp Small / Large, and Table Lamp Small / Large
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