1. Surface Table Limited Edition by Established & Sons

    Surface Table Limited Edition by Established & Sons

    Twentieth is proud to present the Six Meter Limited Edition Surface Table for the first time in North America.

    Fusing advanced engineering and artful design, the Limited Edition Surface Table from Established & Sons is the result of a pioneering collaboration between furniture designer Terence Woodgate and Formula 1 engineer John Barnard. The super-slim carbon fiber composite table––one of only twenty ever made––spans almost twenty feet in length with an edge thickness of two millimeters that visually defies what is possible.

    The Surface Table uses state-of-the-art auto-sport technology to exploit the inherent strength and rigidity of carbon fiber, handcrafted at the industry’s leading carbon fiber facility alongside the designs of Ferrari, Ducati, McLaren, Porsche, and Lamborghini. As Woodgate describes the design process, "The definition of a table is a horizontal supported surface, so we decided to try and make it just that: a surface with no real thickness." This is made possible with over one million black carbon fiber strands revealed in the dark mirror-like quality of the black surface. Radius corners, domed feet and rounded edges accentuate the elegance of the piece.

    Sublimely detailed, exquisitely proportioned, and constructed with the utmost technical precision, the table blends revolutionary engineering with timeless design to create an undeniably beautiful piece. The Limited Edition Surface Table will be displayed at the Twentieth showroom on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles now through December.
  2. MELTFORMS by Videre Licet

    THE NEW gallery presents a new exhibition, MELTFORMS by Videre Licet, an exploration of materiality and luminosity.

    Meltforms consists of a series of glass and metal sculptural lightboxes illuminated with internal LED lights. Attracted to the natural beauty of glass and its luminous qualities, Videre Licet set up their own small glass studio and worked with various glass craftspeople and facilities to produce a new series of glass works. Each piece is unique, produced as different colors of glass are melted in furnaces and poured onto a steel plate, where they are folded into each other while molten and then rolled through a steel mill to flatten them into sheets, creating unique patterns as the glass colors melt and fuse into each other.

    The sequencing of similar but non-continuous imagery into organic wholes using multiple parts relates to a common theme in artist, Daniele Albright’s art photography practice. In visual perception, the pattern making inclinations of the mind naturally favor the creation of connection over discontinuity. Visual pattern making and connection is connected to larger cognitive processes and subconsciously informs how we understand the world—luminosity, pattern and color are primal as well as phenomena that lead us into higher states of mind.

    After the exclusive opening at THE NEW gallery on October 25, 2018, Meltforms will be on view next door to the Twentieth showroom through January 2019.

  3. HENZEL STUDIO at Twentieth

  4. Videre Licet featured in Gio Journal

  5. THE NEW / Twentieth at FOG Design+Art 2018

  6. New from Videre Licet

  7. Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale

    Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale

    Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale 15% off all products from 10/2 - 10/16

    The Wingback Chair by Tom Dixon

    In addition to the sale, Tom Dixon is celebrating one of their most iconic furniture and upholstery lines throughout the month of October. The Wingback is a seating series that builds upon a 17th century English archetype re-thought and updated for the 21st century. The extravagant and fully upholstered form has been tweaked and teased to give an even more rakish silhouette, the ergonomics adjusted for more comfort as well as the frame being re-tooled for industrial production. The result is an elegant functional sculpture fit for the members club, the hotel lobby or a special place in your home.

    The collection includes an arm chair, a dining chair, sofas and an ottoman. Each chair's legs are made of solid oak or copper-plated steel. All are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. 

    wingback set

    For more information contact

  8. Seasons on Behance

    Seasons on Behance
    The Equipal Chair by Luteca and Laurent 09 lamp by Lambert & Fils studio were recently featured on Behance for their Seasons article.

    Equipal Chair by Luteca

    lambert et fils laurent
  9. Lambert & Fils at Paris Design Week

    Lambert & Fils at Paris Design Week

    Catch Lambert & Fils at Paris Design Week with their Réflecteur window display. A reinterpreted staging of their Laurent collection.


  10. Christopher Boots and Twentieth in Architectural Digest

    Christopher Boots and Twentieth in Architectural Digest

    Think Piece: Christopher Boots on the Healing Power of Minerals
    Christopher Boots’s bronze folding screen shimmers with quartz and lapis lazuli

    In his native Melbourne, industrial designer Christopher Boots grew up hunting rocks. His favorite find? Quartz. These days, hunks of the common crystal join a sprinkling of lapis lazuli in the Aussie’s first room divider. “I like to get my hands dirty,” says Boots, who cast the celestial screen in bronze using a lost-wax method to leave hand marks and a surface-of-the-moon texture on the limited edition of eight. Of his innate draw to minerals, the designer says: “I do believe in their healing power. We would probably improve as a species if we had more elements of nature in our interiors.” Available through Twentieth in Los Angeles.

    Read the full article here