1. Surface in Surface

    In front of a large crowd of designers, artists, and filmmakers, David van Eyssen's Surface premiered at the Twentieth gallery on January 24. The video work features the six meter Limited Edition Surface Table by Established & Sons, on display for the first time in North America exclusively at Twentieth.

    Fittingly, the Surface Table and van Eyssen's piece were exclusively featured in Surface magazine.

    As the article recounts, the table’s otherworldliness resonated with video artist David Van Eyssen, whose head immediately went to the clouds. “I was struck by the table’s startlingly thin profile, which suggests an endless horizon provoking images of a barren planet—a clean slate on which life could begin again,” he muses. Thus, his latest project was born.

    The video follows the journey of dancers Candace Cane, Lauren Avon, and Ghislain Grellier as they freely evolve on and under the table. Backdropping the trio is Mattia Biagi’s melting tar chandelier and large-scale photographic prints by Daniele Albright. And much like the Twentieth pieces starring in the video, cosmic references take center stage. Lunar imagery from NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio and footage of the first-ever video recording from Mars is overlaid, as are sounds of Martian winds captured by the Insight rover. “I suggested that we think about the movement of Insight as it comes to life after landing on alien soil,” says Van Eyssen. “Humans are emulating a machine that, with its outstretched armature and cameras for eyes, emulates humans.”

    Watch the entirety of van Eyssen's video work, Surface here:

    And check out some shots from the premiere:

    Artist, David van Eyssen with dancer, Ghislain Grellier

    Stefan Lawrence and Mattia Biagi

  2. Surface Premiere at Twentieth

    Join us for an evening of design, drinks and art on January 24 with the premiere of Surface, a new video work by David Van Eyssen featuring Established & Sons' Limited Edition Surface Table.

    The L6000 Limited Edition Surface Table, now exclusively on view for the first time in North America at Twentieth, measures an impressive 6 meters long (19.7 feet) and only 4mm (0.15 inches) thick. A true engineering accomplishment, the Surface Table is an original design by Royal Designers for Industry Terence Woodgate and F1 racing car designer John Barnard. It uses state-of-the-art auto-sport technology to exploit the inherent rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. Despite its incredible thinness and minimalist stature, the table can hold the weight of F1 car and from a visual standpoint acts like a perfect mirror thanks to its smooth, ethereal finish.

    Surface (2019) is the latest in a series of video works by David van Eyssen, whose work focuses on the human form and the compression and fragmentation of space and time. The film follows dancers Candace Cane, Lauren Avon and Ghislain Grellier as they freely evolve on Established & Sons' Surface Table. The film also incorporates lunar imagery from NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, and the agency's first recording from Mars.

    As Van Eyssen describes the piece, "At first sight, the table evoked a platform, a stage — a blank slate on which I could tell a ’story with no story’, a kind of dream-state antidote to linear narrative. And, with its endless razor-thin profile, it also suggested the horizon of another world. My immediate response was to connect the exploration of space with the table, to echo the physics-defying design with figures moving in low-gravity. The object’s newness, its futuristic material and form, implied a technological awakening — the dawn of a new age — so the dancers’ movements drew on that idea, taking their cues from Insight, the Mars rover, as it wakes on the surface of an alien world."

    Join us for the premiere of Surface Thursday, January 24 from 6-8pm at the Twentieth gallery in Los Angeles. Please to attend.

     Dancers Candace Cane, Lauren Avon and Ghislain Grellier. Stills from Surface by David Van Eyssen, 2019.

  3. MELTFORMS by Videre Licet

    THE NEW gallery presents a new exhibition, MELTFORMS by Videre Licet, an exploration of materiality and luminosity.

    Meltforms consists of a series of glass and metal sculptural lightboxes illuminated with internal LED lights. Attracted to the natural beauty of glass and its luminous qualities, Videre Licet set up their own small glass studio and worked with various glass craftspeople and facilities to produce a new series of glass works. Each piece is unique, produced as different colors of glass are melted in furnaces and poured onto a steel plate, where they are folded into each other while molten and then rolled through a steel mill to flatten them into sheets, creating unique patterns as the glass colors melt and fuse into each other.

    The sequencing of similar but non-continuous imagery into organic wholes using multiple parts relates to a common theme in artist, Daniele Albright’s art photography practice. In visual perception, the pattern making inclinations of the mind naturally favor the creation of connection over discontinuity. Visual pattern making and connection is connected to larger cognitive processes and subconsciously informs how we understand the world—luminosity, pattern and color are primal as well as phenomena that lead us into higher states of mind.

    After the exclusive opening at THE NEW gallery on October 25, 2018, Meltforms will be on view next door to the Twentieth showroom through January 2019.

  4. THE NEW / Twentieth at FOG Design+Art 2018

  5. Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale

    Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale

    Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale 15% off all products from 10/2 - 10/16

    The Wingback Chair by Tom Dixon

    In addition to the sale, Tom Dixon is celebrating one of their most iconic furniture and upholstery lines throughout the month of October. The Wingback is a seating series that builds upon a 17th century English archetype re-thought and updated for the 21st century. The extravagant and fully upholstered form has been tweaked and teased to give an even more rakish silhouette, the ergonomics adjusted for more comfort as well as the frame being re-tooled for industrial production. The result is an elegant functional sculpture fit for the members club, the hotel lobby or a special place in your home.

    The collection includes an arm chair, a dining chair, sofas and an ottoman. Each chair's legs are made of solid oak or copper-plated steel. All are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. 

    wingback set

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  6. Twentieth launches ERDEN rugs

    Twentieth launches ERDEN rugs

    I never felt compelled to get involved with rugs until I met Brian. The way he integrates metal with textile is brilliant! And I can guarantee you’ve never felt anything so soft and luxurious in a floor covering! --Stefan

    Twentieth is proud to announce ERDEN’s Southern California launch.

    Founded in 2016 by Brian Erden, ERDEN’s approach to rug design rests on three primary pillars: technique, innovation, and curiosity. Drawing from such disparate genre as theater and physics, ERDEN’s first collection of hand-woven carpets is comprised of materials ranging from suri alpaca to patinated bronze.


    Humps uses buried negative space of hemp flatweave and the natural loft of camelhair to effect undulated dunes of pile.


    Two Bar combines unique yarn prep with ERDEN’s patented embedding of objects into a woven textile for the floor—in this case, bronze bars with hand-channeled surface details.


    Etched is available in Mohair, Alpaca, Merino, and Hemp with staccato dashes of two types of hand-carved bronze.


    Park uses the pressure contained in each knot to cause an ombre-of-design in an otherwise static trellis.


    ERDEN’s purest design: Steps in Suri Alpaca.

    All designs are available in custom sizes.

    For more information please email us at

  7. NLXL at Twentieth

    NLXL at Twentieth

    Twentieth now represents NLXL wallpaper.
    NLXL wallpaper uses implied textures that stretch beyond graphic designs into life-like representations of materials such as marble, wood and concrete. This appearance is further enhanced by the fact that none of the designs repeat.
    Below is a small selection of styles along with some insight from their corresponding designers.


    "Concrete with its sober, subdued character is one of my favorite materials. And now there is this fabulous wallpaper which lets one transform a space, be it a wall or ceiling easily and in a very affordable way. Another huge advantage is that minor damages don't show. They seemingly disappear naturally in the structure."

    CON-07 by Piet Boon


    CON-03 by Piet Boon

    CON-02 by Piet Boon


    From Job Smeets: “Where do you put the paintings?”, I hear someone asking, frowning. My reply: “The white wall behind a painting is an idea of modernism. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was not uncommon to present art on silk wallpaper with very busy patterns. But let me put it another way: you don’t need paintings with this wallpaper. This is beyond styling.”

    Perished by Studio Job



    “A lot of companies have made marble reproduction products, but never in the way we envisioned it. So we decided to give it a try. When the printing proofs came in we were thrilled. You just want to install it everywhere! Besides marble we were working on other materials, like a Burnt Wood wallpaper. We decided that we could not do this without the expertise of Maarten Baas, famous for his Smoked furniture collection. Maarten liked the idea, and together we made a Burnt Wood wallpaper.”

    Burnt Wood by Piet Hein Eek & Maarten Baas


    White Marble by Piet Hein Eek

    Black Marble by Piet Hein Eek

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  8. Twentieth now represents Lebello

    Twentieth now represents Lebello

     Lebello's unique brand of outdoor furniture arrives just in time for Summer. Finally an outdoor line with sophisticated brass accents!


    The Hexa Stool and Lounger collection is an Italian-made series that creates a versatile interplay of hexagonal shapes and colors that can be arranged in an endless assortment of outdoor configurations. Available in three sizes and two heights.


    Taking inspiration from the mangrove plant, Roots is a unique collection of tables finished in brass, copper or stainless. This solid metal tripod table is available with an optional handle or a LED light to illuminate the surface. Tops are available in teak, walnut or CL.

    CHAIR 7

    The Chair 7 is a modern outdoor dining chair with a four legged metal base available in 13 powder-coat colors. The shell design is woven in Lebello's exclusive Tech-Rope material and features accented leg tips finished in solid stainless or solid brass.


    This seating series is available in three sizes and forms a dynamic seating archipelago when grouped. These soft islands use a combination of Surface Tex fabrics that were created exclusively for this range.


    As the name implies, the Diagonal Carpet is an elegant demonstration of simplicity. Available in three sizes, these outdoor rugs are woven in Gildo Ropes, a larger variant of Lebello's exclusive Tech-Ropes.


    Plank is a series of outdoor tables available with teak or walnut tops combined with either square or round legs. The round leg version of Plank is accented with solid brass tips.


    The Naked Series is a collection of round coffee tables, side tables, and stools.
    The designs are finished with Lebello core fiber materials that are spun around zinc-plated or stainless frames. The fibers are spaced at a variety of distances creating a complex array of lights and shadows.
    Most of the products in the series allow for an optional teak or CL table top insert. Seat cushions are available in any of the five fabric groups.

    For more information please contact

  9. NYC Highlights

    NYC Highlights

    As NYC x DESIGN continues through the month, we'd like to highlight a few pieces from our represented designers. Congratulations to everyone and much success at your event! --Stefan


    Pause Lounge Chair with Dionis Side Table / Sonya Table


    Edie ED.08.03 Chandelier / Edie ED.08.06 Chandelier


    Curved Chaise / Dimple Lamp


    Kickstand Lounge Chair / Kickstand Counter Stool


    84 / 87


    Steel Wall Sconce / Marina Table with Sphere


    Ghost Collection / Thaw Sconce





    Pylon Chair / Melt Copper Family




    Drop Cocktail Table & Altai Sofa / Torpedo Sconce


    Briolette / Myriad


    Ambassador / Boom



    Lincoln Lounge

    For more information please contact

  10. Konekt at Twentieth

    Konekt at Twentieth


    Twentieth is proud to exclusively represent Konekt in Los Angeles.

    At the core of Konekt is Helena Sultan, a former photographer and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Helena developed her eye at an early age, influenced by the rich colors and layered textures of her mother's abstract oil paintings as well as the patinated metal of her father's gritty industrial plant. Helena further honed her sensibilities as she traveled widely, absorbing different cultures and influences. These various experiences have culminated in her signature collection of furniture shown below.

    Every piece is handcrafted in Pennsylvania by skilled master craftsmen and artisans. All woods are sustainable American hardwoods, hand-finished with the finest oils.


    Created to unwind from the demands of daily life, the Pause Chaise Lounge inspires stillness and peace. Designed to embrace the body, its organic contours complement the human form while creating a feeling of lightness.  

    a-cepa-mirrorA. CEPA MIRROR
    Crafted from solid bronze, the A. Cepa Mirror draws the eye with its rich material and sculptural form.  

    pause-chairPAUSE LOUNGE CHAIR
    The Pause Lounge Chair, intended as the ultimate seat to unplug and relax, plays off Konekt's signature Pause Chaise. Balance is achieved with its modern, organic design and expertly upholstered seating. The curvaceous fiberglass shell embraces the body, the upholstery is meticulously hand-sewn, and the four splayed metal legs taper down to teardrop-shaped feet.  


    The legs of the oval-shaped Petra Coffee Table are inspired by the legs of a camel. The Petra features a precision cut, honed marble tabletop and sculptural legs of cast bronze.  


    This solid wood chair is crafted by hand, using mortise and tenon joints. The sweeping, sculptural armrest creates a striking silhouette that embraces the body. An upholstered back-pan is optional while the upholstered seat provides a high level of comfort and a floating appearance. Tapered, splayed legs extend in an elegant curve from the top of the seat-back to the floor. The Bianca Chair is equally at home around a table or standing on its own as an accent.