1. THE NEW / Twentieth at FOG Design+Art 2018

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  2. Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale

    Tom Dixon Semi-Annual Sale

    In addition to the sale, Tom Dixon is celebrating one of their most iconic furniture and upholstery lines throughout the month of October. The Wingback is a seating series that builds upon a 17th century English archetype re-thought and updated for the 21st century. The extravagant and fully upholstered form has been tweaked and teased to give an even more rakish silhouette, the ergonomics adjusted for more comfort as well as the frame being re-tooled for industrial production. The result is an elegant functional sculpture fit for the members club, the hotel lobby or a special place in your home.

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  3. Twentieth launches ERDEN rugs

    Twentieth launches ERDEN rugs

    I never felt compelled to get involved with rugs until I met Brian. The way he integrates metal with textile is brilliant! And I can guarantee you’ve never felt anything so soft and luxurious in a floor covering! --Stefan

    Twentieth is proud to announce ERDEN’s Southern California launch.

    Founded in 2016 by Brian Erden, ERDEN’s approach to rug design rests on three primary pillars: technique, innovation, and curiosity. Drawing from such disparate genre as theater and physics, ERDEN’s first collection of hand-woven carpets is comprised of materials ranging from suri alpaca to patinated bronze.

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  4. NLXL at Twentieth

    NLXL at Twentieth

    Twentieth now represents NLXL wallpaper.
    NLXL wallpaper uses implied textures that stretch beyond graphic designs into life-like representations of materials such as marble, wood and concrete. This appearance is further enhanced by the fact that none of the designs repeat.
    Below is a small selection of styles along with some insight from their corresponding designers.

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  5. Twentieth now represents Lebello

    Twentieth now represents Lebello

    Lebello's unique brand of outdoor furniture arrives just in time for Summer. Finally an outdoor line with sophisticated brass accents!

    The Hexa Stool and Lounger collection is an Italian-made series that creates a versatile interplay of hexagonal shapes and colors that can be arranged in an endless assortment of outdoor configurations. Available in three sizes and two heights.

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  6. NYC Highlights

    NYC Highlights

    As NYC x DESIGN continues through the month, we'd like to highlight a few pieces from our represented designers. Congratulations to everyone and much success at your event!


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  7. Konekt at Twentieth

    Konekt at Twentieth

    At the core of Konekt is Helena Sultan, a former photographer and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Helena developed her eye at an early age, influenced by the rich colors and layered textures of her mother's abstract oil paintings as well as the patinated metal of her father's gritty industrial plant. Helena further honed her sensibilities as she traveled widely, absorbing different cultures and influences. These various experiences have culminated in her signature collection of furniture shown below.

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  8. Christopher Boots at Collective Design

    Christopher Boots at Collective Design

    The Australian lighting designer will display some of his recent designs in the Collective Concept section, a capsule presentation within the fair that showcases contemporary designers across lighting, furnishings, ceramics, and textiles.

    Here is a preview of some of his new work which will be debuting at this year's fair.

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  9. Anna Karlin Coming To Twentieth

    Anna Karlin Coming To Twentieth

    Twentieth is excited to present the Anna Karlin collection to Los Angeles this coming March.

    Here are some of our favorite picks from the collection. For more information please email us at

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  10. Twentieth Presents Anna Karlin

    Twentieth Presents Anna Karlin


    ak element 1

    Twentieth is excited to present the Anna Karlin collection to Los Angeles. Believing that all design disciplines contribute wonderfully to each other, Karlin feels that no one area should be ignored. Her studio practice and Anna Karlin Furniture and Fine Objects are the result of this sensibility.

    Here are some of our favorite picks from the collection. For more information please email us at

    ak element 2


    These hand made counter height stools work individually or as a group.
    Made from cold rolled steel they are hand plated in a brushed brass finish.
    Each piece is

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