Dwell spotlights Castor Design

Canadian design brand Castor was founded in 2006. Seeking to find the middle ground between art and design, Castor's products are innovative and distinctive, while remaining highly functional. Explore some of our favorite picks from the brand, including sculptural pendant lights, clever task lamps, and eye-catching furniture.

The Recycled Tube Light is an unexpected light that blends recycled materials and innovative design details to create a truly distinctive light source. The light is comprised of recycled T8 fluorescent bulbs as diffusers, which work to emit a soft, warm light. The recycled bulbs are secured by powder-coated white metal straps, furthering the industrial look of the light. The light can be used to complement a modern interior,

or as a pleasant contrast in a more traditional space.

The Axis Floor Lamp from Castor is at once a work of sculpture and a functional light source. Made of precisely machined and anodized aluminum, the light features three poles that intertwine to create a stable structure. The light source, within the main column, is able to rotate 180 degrees, making it easy to adjust light where needed. The other two rods can slide freely through the main column, which adjusts the angle of the light source. This sculptural floor lamp is an undeniable statement-maker.

The Biker Stool from Castor is a refined and sculptural seat that is available at both chair and bar heights. Inspired by the geometry of a motorcycle seat, the stool's seat features a curved and angled silhouette. The seat is lined in leather and is connected to tubular steel legs, furthering the connection to its industrial origins. The legs and seat are joined by custom machined brass "bungs" which add a touch of shine to the stool.

The Coil Table Lamp is a lightweight task lamp comprised of powder-coated aluminum, copper-plated steel and acrylic. The innovative lamp draws power from either of Apples first generation magsafe adapters. The lamp head is fitted with LEDs that emit a warm directional light that can be used in a professional office or domestic setting. The lamp is supported by copper-plated steel that has been expertly bent to provide a stable base despite the lamp's light weight.

The Deadstock Catherine Table Lamp from Castor is a stunning example of the possibilities of mixing materials. Centered around a cylindrical shade salvaged from a defunct lighting factory, the Catherine Lamp is supported by a precisely machined brass stem and cantilever, which is supported by a Carrara marble base that was salvaged from the First Canadian Place in Toronto. The structure of the lamp enables it to be adjusted, making it easy to redirect light as needed.

The TRI-pod Table from Castor represents an expert combination of materials. Featuring a circular, powder-coated top that rests on three oak legs that are held together by a hand-hammered brass ring, the table is both functional and artful. This occasional table can be used in a variety of interior spaces, from formal living rooms to home offices and casual dens. The sleek white top is undoubtedly modern, while the oak legs play to traditional aesthetics.

The Conic Section LED Pendant Light from Castor is light that is inspired by mathematics. A conic section is a curve that is obtained at the intersection of a cone and a plane, which is reflected in the design of the pendant light. The Conic Section Pendant is available in four different iterations - a hyperbola, ellipse, parabola, circle - which are created by cutting the cone at different angles. The cages of each pendant are plated in black chrome, which helps to reflect the light emitted from the interior LED lamp. Adjusting the direction of light is easy, as the overlaying shields can be moved.

The Black Wall Mirrors are a sculptural wall hanging. Each mirror in the series is structured in a semisphere, adding depth to the mirror. The glass has a slight black tint finish, which gives off a clean reflection with a subtle darkened tone. Made of spun metal that has been black powder-coated, the mirror gives the illusion of hovering just in front of the wall. Available in three sizes, the Black Wall Mirrors can be used individually in a variety of interiors, including entryways, living rooms, and bedrooms. The mirrors can also be grouped together to create a bold wall display.