May Furniture at Twentieth

Based in New York, MAY is a small production furniture company. Every piece is created by hand with lasting craftsmanship, timeless design principals, and imagination. Travis James, a craftsman and multidisciplinary artist, is the founder and designer of May Furniture, which is now on display at Twentieth.

Struttura Credenza by May Furniture

May Furniture's Struttura Credenza features a unique compressed hardwood case available in a variety of color ways with matching compressed or natural wood doors.

Custom lengths, doors, and drawer configurations are available.

 Buoy Lamp by May Furniture


The Buoy Lamp is part of May Furniture's Brutalist inspired collection and is constructed from their unique raw but refined compressed hardwood. Each 1/4" wood shade's pattern is unique and disperses light from the bottom, top, and through the porous surface.

The Buoy Lamp is available as a table lamp, a floor light or a chandelier.

Struttura Coffee Table by May Furniture


The Struttura Coffee Table is crafted from May Furniture's beautifully porous compressed hardwood and features a 1/2" edge profile tapering to an internal 3" thick summit.

Sphere by May Furniture


The Sphere is a unique design and hand shaped to a smooth stone-like finish. It sits flat on the ground and can be used as a seat or simply a sculptural object.

The Sphere is available as an indoor (compressed wood) or outdoor (fiberglass) design.

Hemisphere by May Furniture


The Hemisphere follows the indoor or outdoor construction path of May Furniture's Sphere, but is sliced in half, resulting in a unique circular table design.

As an outdoor object, the Hemishpere is cast from fiberglass. As an indoor design, the Hemisphere uses compressed hardwood. Both designs allude to a concrete construction.

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