on display: Christopher Boots Vanity Screen

Christopher Boots, Vanity Screen, 2017
Lost wax bronze, clear quartz, smoky quartz & lapis lazuli
Edition of 8

Christopher Boots spectacular creation, Vanity Screen, is a project of love that has taken four years to realize. Presented at Collective Design in New York in May 2017, the room divider incorporates clear and smoky quartz crystal and lapis lazuli in contrast to a moon like surface cast in solid bronze. The celestial screen is the first in a limited edition of eight.

“In his native Melbourne, industrial designer Christopher Boots grew up hunting rocks. His favorite kind? Quartz. These days, hunks of the common crystal join a sprinkling of lapis lazuli in the Aussie's first room divider. 'I like to get my hands dirty,' says Boots, who cast the celestial screen in bronze using a lost-wax method to leave hand marks and a surface-of-the-moon texture on the limited edition of eight. Of his innate draw to minerals, the designer says: 'I do believe in their healing power. We would probably improve as a species if we had more elements of nature in our interiors.' " (Architectural Digest, September 2017)

Christopher Boots Studio produces a range of custom works both for clients and for design and process development. These pieces are intended to push the limits of the design process and explore materiality in order to advance the designer's craft and vision.


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