The International Contemporary Furniture Fair - Part 2

NYC x Design

For the final portion of our NYC x Design coverage we look at more updates and product launches at ICFF from designers represented by Twentieth.

International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Christopher Boots Phasmida

Christopher Boots
Australian designer Christopher Boots is showing his work for the first time in New York at this years' fair.

Christopher Boots ORP art shot

Boots is showing a large selection of his lighting designs and has engaged international architectural firm Woods Bagot to "create a truly harmonious sanctuary of light" for this event.

Christopher Boots Oracle 7 Rings

Boots' exhibit includes many of his chandeliers, pendants and sconces as well as a few exclusive one-off lighting designs.

Find Christopher Boots' display at booth 1275.

RBW Cinema Chandelier

Rich Brilliant Willing
Rich Brilliant Willing is showing their new Cinema Chandelier along with a line of collaborations with the founder of the Rockwell Group, American architect and designer David Rockwell.

RBW Cinema Chandelier Detail

Rich Brilliant Willing explains the Cinema Chandelier as "A subtle display of cutting-edge technology, both in the fine-tuned warmth of the LEDs and in the construction and craftsmanship."

Rockwell Sconce

RBW collaborated with David Rockwell on the design of three lights, a pendant and two sconces.

Rockwell states that "each piece in the collection has a transformative quality," and that "through variations in size, configurations, and light, each piece in the collection can solve any number of aesthetic and functional needs for residential, hospitality, and contract settings."

RBW Rockwell Sconce   RBW Rockwell wall sconce side view

Find Rich Brilliant Willing at booth 1432.

Skram Arak Lighting Line

Skram, based out of North Carolina, has released a variety of new items including tables, case goods and for the first time, lighting, with their Arak line.

Skram chairs at ICFF

Skram's new Piedmont chairs and stools are available in dining, counter, and bar heights. The line is offered with steel or wood frames in various finishes.

Skram Altai Museum Bench

Skram's Altai Museum Bench has been nominated by Interior Design Magazine and ICFF as a finalist for a NYCxDESIGN Award.

Find Skram in booth 1910.

Asher Israelow Lincoln Chair

Asher Israelow
Asher Israelow, a furniture and architectural designer based in Brooklyn, will be at ICFF showing his studio's latest creations, which will include the Lincoln collection, the Codex desk, and a collaboration with furniture designer, Dmitriy & Co., titled the Ottone Club Chair.

Asher Israelow Lincoln Lounge chair

Israelow describes the Lincoln Lounge Chair, pictured above, as, "A seat to relax with the crossword, or plot global domination."

The Ottone Club Chair

Asher Israelow Studios will be showing with Dmitriy and Co. in booth 2226.

Luteca Air Sofa

New York based Luteca will be continuing their tribute to notable Mexican architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez with the introduction of Vazquez's Equipal Table. 

Also shown are Alexander Díaz Andersson's designs which fuse Mexican culture with Swedish design. And find new color options for Luteca's popular Air Sofa and Agave Dining Table, both
are exhibited in black, at their booth, 1826.

Kenneth Cobonpue chair

Kenneth Cobonpue
This year Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue will be showing as part of Design Philippines.

Cobonepue's work incorporates Filipino cultural technique with a contemporary aesthetic. He explains, "Designers from across Southeast Asia are creating truly original designs from local natural fibers, making use of the abundance of skilled craftsman. Such consummate artisanal skills, passed through generations from master to apprentice and drawn from hundreds of years of tradition, not only embraces our rich culture, but uses it to create our future."

Kenneth Cobonpue at ICFF

Kenneth Cobonpue and Design Philippines are exhibiting in booth 1866.

We hope you've enjoyed our coverage of this year's NYC x Design festival.