Tom Dixon at Salone del Mobile 2016

Tom Dixon’s upcoming “Materiality” series of lighting, furniture and accessories premieres in Milan during Salone del Mobile.

Tom Dixon's invitation to the Restaurant

Tom Dixon writes:
“For Milan 2016 we present THE RESTAURANT, a collaboration with Caesarstone where four futuristic kitchens and four radical Tom Dixon dining halls collide in a late baroque deconsecrated church in central Milan.”

Base half of Tom Dixon's invitation to the Restaurant

The Restaurant will exhibit lines from Materiality, which are inspired by essential aspects of Tom Dixon’s design. These product lines include Curve, Fade and Copper.

Tom Dixon descibes Curve, Fade and Copper in his official invitation to “The Restaurant.”

Tom Dixon's Curve on display

CURVE a new geometrical light that pushes the boundaries of thin sheet etched metal fabrication. With its microscopic precision-pierced surface and soft nickel silver coating Curve internally reflects and emits a filtered glow of ethereal light.

Tom Dixon's Fade Line

FADE a blow moulded polycarbonate light cannon. Its teardrop shape focuses the light bulb’s output into a satisfyingly round and luminous circle. The metalised finish is unusual as it graduates from completely reflective to transparent in an even fade along the body of the light.

Tom Dixon Copper

COPPER the familiar sphere gets squashed then stretched to create a new pair of complimentary forms in the trademark mirrored copper, allowing new clusters to be formed, lower ceilings to be illuminated or narrow corridors to be colonised by the Copper family.

And to complete “The Restaurant”, Tom Dixon and Caesarstone will fully immerse designers by serving different courses “in each space, curated by Italian food design studio Arabeschi di Latte.”

Tom Dixon describes the full planned exhibit as:
“An utterly unique experience where you can eat, slow down and enjoy the latest ideas in Materiality, Luminosity and Texture.”