The London Design Festival was conceived by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans. Building on London's existing design activity, their concept was to create an annual event that would promote the city's creativity, drawing in the country's greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to deliver an unmissable celebration of design.

Below are highlights of Twentieth's designers and their contributions to this years London Design Festival.

TOM DIXON Eight weeks in the making Tom Dixon's Multiplex is an immersive, "multi-sensory department store of tomorrow", divided into sections dedicated to technology, art, cars, food, and fashion. Called Multiplex because of its layers, it is an exciting new take on both the concept of a department store and the concept of a pop-up, aimed to predict "the future of shopping" and immersing visitors senses in sound, smell, taste, and feel. The London Design Festival is home to Tom Dixon.

Tom Dixon's furniture furnishes the Multiplex.

The Multiplex by Tom Dixon.

The Multiplex Layout.

LEE BROOM Earlier this year at Milan Design Week, Lee Broom created The Department Store. Following its success Broom presented The Flower Shop, the installation celebrated the launch of his new Podium Vases and pieces displayed in Milan. The Flower Shop.

Fulcrum and Crescent Lights illuminating Lee Brooms Podium Vases.

EDWARD BARBER & JAY OSGERBY BARBER AND OSGERBY Recipients of the London Design Medal, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby spoke of the importance of design to world capitols. They stated that London is reaching a "tipping point" that could lead to the demise of its world-famous creative scene, similar to what has happened to New York.


STRIPED ORGANIC LOOP CHAIR BY JULIAN MAYOR British designer Julian Mayor presents his new Striped Organic Loop Chair as part of this years London Design Festival. The fiberglass chair is constructed using three planes and features a graphic pattern that references military dazzle ships.

A detail of the hand painted stripes.

MOOOI MOOOI LONDON Moooi presented iconic and decorative designs at their London Showroom. It was the perfect place for architects and design professionals to experience the Moooi collection.

Self-taught British designer Tom Dixon believes that rules are made to be broken. Dixon began his creative life as a professional musician, playing bass in a disco band in the 80s. Then, he learned oxy-acetylene welding in a car body repair shop in South London and—after a series of mutations originating from a doodle of a chicken—designed the iconic “S Chair,” introduced by Cappellini in 1989. “If there are rules to design, I don’t know what they are,” he says, “I just have ideas and I want to see what happens if I put them out there.”

This has clearly worked in Dixon’s favor. Since launching design brand Tom Dixon in 2002, its presence has grown to over 60 countries. With designs inspired by Britain’s heritage, his collection of contemporary pendants, floor and table lights, including the bestselling Copper Shade and Mirror Ball, have become iconic fixtures in homes all over the world.

LX: What’s next for you?

TD: We've spent the last ten years expanding wherever we could, toward whomever approached us. We are in 65 countries now, so this year is going to be focused on the places that like our products the most. We’ve laid the infrastructure in the United States and I think you get out of the U.S. what you put in. It's just like in rock and roll: If you don’t play the radio stations, if you don’t play the small towns, you’re never going to succeed.

There’s such a vibrant design community in the United States that's interested in what's going on globally. What’s interesting about the modern world [is that] you don’t need to attract large amounts of people globally to be a successful designer. You can be quite focused and do specific work and people will come to you if they’re attracted to it.

Tom Dixon

Next Thursday Tom Dixon comes to LA! RSVP to by Feb 23.

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