Iris Table - Limited Edition

Established & Sons
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Each table in the Iris Limited Edition series is constructed from a single geometric component, which is machined from
 solid aluminium and repeated to form a tessellated ring. Color is integral to the design of the Iris series, with each of the variations its own specific color spectrum. The composition of colors, whether a gradated run or series of sharp tonal differences, has been handpicked by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby to capture the beauty of the color chart in a three-dimensional form. Using circular forms means that the color patterns are continuous with no starting point and no end.
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Lead Time: 8-10 weeks
Designer: Established & Sons

MATERIALS CNC machined solid aluminium sections, toughened glass

FINISHES: Anodized in specific color spectrums


Iris 500: 1' 8" diameter, 2' 0" height
Iris 600: 2' 0" diameter, 2' 3" height
Iris 1200: 3' 11" diameter, 1' 3" height
Iris 1300: 4' 3" diameter, 1' 4" height
Iris 1500: 4' 11" diameter, 1' 4" height

PRODUCTION: Limited edition of 12 each

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Iris Table - Limited Edition