Knotty Bubbles Chain - 1 Lg, 2 Sm Bubbles

designer: Lindsey Adelman

  • Knotty Bubbles Chain 1 Lg 2 Sm Bubbles by Lindsey Adelman
Inspired by Japanese packaging, buoys, and shibari, Knotty Bubbles is a sculptural light made of hand-blownglass 'bubbles' bound together with knotted rope.

Dimensions: Appx. L 92in/234cm x W 14in/36cm x H Custom
Weight: 50lb/22.7kg
Materials: Glass, rope, marine hardware
Suspension: Rope and marine hardware. Custom length
Canopy: (2) 5-inch round in matching metal finish
Dimmer Compatibility: Triac/Phase-Cut

Leadtime: 12 weeks