Boom Chandelier

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The expressive form of Boom is achieved with minimal elements involving cast-brass joints and linear wooden bulbs to create forms of exploding light. At the center of the fixture is a singularity of cast-brass joints, elegantly curved to dramatically reflect the geometry of the fixture. Linear wooden bulbs – the essence of all Stickbulb designs – in varying lengths cantilever from the brass core, each one emitting a line of even light in a different direction.

The result is an explosion of richly textured wood that casts dynamic patterns of light and shadow. The wooden component is offered in sustainably sourced maple or walnut, reclaimed heart pine, ebonized oak, or reclaimed water tower redwood and the hardware finish is polished cast brass.

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Lead Time: 12-16 weeks
Designer: Stickbulb

MATERIALS: LED, sustainably sourced or reclaimed wood, brass


Little Boom: 38.5” W x 34”D x 32”H

Middle Boom: 50.5”W x 45”D x 42”H

Big Boom: 74”W x 65”D x 61”H

Double Boom: 96”W x 50”D x 98”H


Wood: Maple, American Walnut, Ebonized Oak, Heart Pine (Reclaimed), Water Tower Redwood (Reclaimed),Custom

Metal: Polished Brass, Custom

FIXTURE WEIGHT: 13.16 lbs / 5.97 kg

DRIVER: Lutron 100%-1% driver included


Standard Brightness LEDs: 1054 Lumens / 94 CRI (3000K) / 52W Power draw, 0-10V driver upon request

COLOR TEMP: 2400k, 2700k, 3000k (Standard), 4000k

INPUT VOLTAGE: 120V 50-60hz (Forward phase dimming), 120V-277V 50-60hz (3-wire dimming)

LIGHT OUTPUT: Standard Brightness - 12V (Dimmable)

STEM LENGTH: 60" length of 3/8" rigid steel stem. Additional stem length upon request at time of order.

CEILING: Flat Ceiling, Sloped Ceiling

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