Stickbulb X Collection: Truss Chandelier

designer: Stickbulb

  • Stickbulb Truss Chandelier

The X Collection transcends the line between lighting and furniture. It includes illuminated pieces that can function as tables, chandeliers, or pendant fixtures. Whereas previous Stickbulb lamps have relied on cantilevered bulbs to make different linear silhouettes, X Collection designs create graphic and structurally closed shapes inspired by hexagonal and tetrahedral forms in nature. The Truss Chandelier is a linear configuration of octagonal closed shapes. Bulbs are available in 2ft lengths.

Available in Maple, Walnut, Reclaimed Heart Pine, Reclaimed Water Tower Redwood, Ebonized Oak

Polished Brass

2X Truss

54”w x 36”d x 28”h

3X Truss

81”w x 36”d x 28”h

4X Truss

108”w x 36”w x 28”h

Bulb length: 2ft units

Standard tubular 1/2” diameter stem suspension, length of 60” Additional stems available upon request

Fixture weight:

2X Truss: approx. 37lbs

3X Truss: approx. 49lbs

4X Truss (shown): approx. 61lbs

Bulb type: Bulbs available in Standard Brightness (SB) only Bulbs: (45) X 12V LED modules

Lamp Type: LED, 3000K (standard option)

Custom color temperatures: 2400K, 2700K, 4000K or 6500K

Leadtime: 16 weeks