Glow Pendant

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The Beam and Glow Collection is a series of vertical and horizontal light structures that combine vibrant colors with formal abstraction to create an immersive lighting experience.

Inspired by the pure expressions of ‘objecthood’ found in the Minimal Art movement, the Beam and Glow Collection explores the nature of color, light, scale and context. Each light features an optical-grade resin lens framed by bent aluminum panels that have been anodized or stained with a hand-applied finish. The singular line of the lens is echoed in the simple rectangular frame, conjoining clarity of form with a soft and expansive colored light to create an impactful, yet unobtrusive, environment.

The Beam and Glow Collection is available in a variety of sizes and can be wall-mounted, flush-mounted or ceiling-suspended. The amber and rose lens colors draw inspiration from the diffusion of city lights — each hue has an enveloping depth that is at once soothing and contemplative.

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Lead Time: 10-12 weeks
Designer: Pelle

MATERIALS: Aluminum, LED, Chromatic Resin Lens

Glow 02 Pendant: L 26in/66cm x W 7in/17.8cm (lens side) x D 6.5in/16.5cm
Glow 04 Pendant: L 47.5in/120.7cm x W 7in/17.8cm (lens side) x D 6.5in/16.5cm
Glow 06 Pendant: L 69in/175.3cm x W 7in/17.8cm (lens side) x D 6.5in/16.5cm


Anodized Finish: Silver, Black

Hand-Stained Finish: Lilac, Green

Lens Color:
Amber, Rose

120 V LED Illumination:
Wattage: Glow 02: 24.82W / Glow 04: 51.1W / Glow 06: 75.92W
Lumens: Glow 02: 1604.8L / Glow 04 3304L / Glow 06: 4908.8L
Color Temperature: 2400K
Life Hours: 50,000
CRI: 95
Local TRIAC Dimmable Driver


UL certification upon request
CE Certified

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