1. Lee Broom's Park Life Exhibition

    British designer Lee Broom has opened a landmark exhibition of his work with an immersive installation in Sydney, Australia. "Park Life" takes inspiration from the pleasure gardens of the 18th century as it leads guests through hidden passageways with vignettes showcasing the brand’s lighting and furniture in a whole new light.

    The installation also saw the debut of a new version of Lee Broom’s Eclipse lights in a polished gold finish. Eclipse has a sculptural silhouette with a mobile-like quality that changes at every angle. Mirror-polished gold and acrylic discs interact, dissect and obscure, which both eclipses and reveals its illumination to the viewer at the same time. The new gold finish transforms the light into a warmer, softer interpretation of the original polished chrome finish. 

  2. Mattia Biagi's Metropolitan Sets

    During the inaugural Frieze Los Angeles, 1stdibs and THE NEW presented a multisensory exhibition produced by Italian multimedia artist Mattia Biagi. The installation features his original art alongside furniture, lighting, and objects that evoke the desire to comb the past and present.

    Premiering at The Badd House, a new exhibition space located in the legendary Spago restaurant in West Hollywood, Metropolitan Sets brings together Biagi's new sculptural collage with several pieces from Twentieth's collection, including works by Videre Licet, Christopher Boots, Larose Guyon, Matt Gagnon, Pelle, and Fernando Mastrangelo.

    In Biagi's words, Metropolitan Sets expresses the "personal investigation of the artist straddling life and death, nature and civilization, preservation and transformation. The images used to build the bodies of the pieces are references emerging from a lifetime of photographic clippings accumulated in the midst of magazines, pornography, art history, and personal photos." After having been directly printed on wood with a multilayered ink process, the images were cutout and assembled onto a classic furniture form. This anthology of memories, visions and experiences allows Biagi to draw directly from his subconscious to create a three-dimensional statuary collage.

    Premiering to a packed house on February 15, Biagi's installation lasts until February 26 at the Badd House, at which point it will be reinstalled at THE NEW gallery. Read more about the installation here.

  3. Surface in Surface

    In front of a large crowd of designers, artists, and filmmakers, David van Eyssen's Surface premiered at the Twentieth gallery on January 24. The video work features the six meter Limited Edition Surface Table by Established & Sons, on display for the first time in North America exclusively at Twentieth.

    Fittingly, the Surface Table and van Eyssen's piece were exclusively featured in Surface magazine.

    As the article recounts, the table’s otherworldliness resonated with video artist David Van Eyssen, whose head immediately went to the clouds. “I was struck by the table’s startlingly thin profile, which suggests an endless horizon provoking images of a barren planet—a clean slate on which life could begin again,” he muses. Thus, his latest project was born.

    The video follows the journey of dancers Candace Cane, Lauren Avon, and Ghislain Grellier as they freely evolve on and under the table. Backdropping the trio is Mattia Biagi’s melting tar chandelier and large-scale photographic prints by Daniele Albright. And much like the Twentieth pieces starring in the video, cosmic references take center stage. Lunar imagery from NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio and footage of the first-ever video recording from Mars is overlaid, as are sounds of Martian winds captured by the Insight rover. “I suggested that we think about the movement of Insight as it comes to life after landing on alien soil,” says Van Eyssen. “Humans are emulating a machine that, with its outstretched armature and cameras for eyes, emulates humans.”

    Watch the entirety of van Eyssen's video work, Surface here:

    And check out some shots from the premiere:

    Artist, David van Eyssen with dancer, Ghislain Grellier

    Stefan Lawrence and Mattia Biagi

  4. Surface Premiere at Twentieth

    Join us for an evening of design, drinks and art on January 24 with the premiere of Surface, a new video work by David Van Eyssen featuring Established & Sons' Limited Edition Surface Table.

    The L6000 Limited Edition Surface Table, now exclusively on view for the first time in North America at Twentieth, measures an impressive 6 meters long (19.7 feet) and only 4mm (0.15 inches) thick. A true engineering accomplishment, the Surface Table is an original design by Royal Designers for Industry Terence Woodgate and F1 racing car designer John Barnard. It uses state-of-the-art auto-sport technology to exploit the inherent rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. Despite its incredible thinness and minimalist stature, the table can hold the weight of F1 car and from a visual standpoint acts like a perfect mirror thanks to its smooth, ethereal finish.

    Surface (2019) is the latest in a series of video works by David van Eyssen, whose work focuses on the human form and the compression and fragmentation of space and time. The film follows dancers Candace Cane, Lauren Avon and Ghislain Grellier as they freely evolve on Established & Sons' Surface Table. The film also incorporates lunar imagery from NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, and the agency's first recording from Mars.

    As Van Eyssen describes the piece, "At first sight, the table evoked a platform, a stage — a blank slate on which I could tell a ’story with no story’, a kind of dream-state antidote to linear narrative. And, with its endless razor-thin profile, it also suggested the horizon of another world. My immediate response was to connect the exploration of space with the table, to echo the physics-defying design with figures moving in low-gravity. The object’s newness, its futuristic material and form, implied a technological awakening — the dawn of a new age — so the dancers’ movements drew on that idea, taking their cues from Insight, the Mars rover, as it wakes on the surface of an alien world."

    Join us for the premiere of Surface Thursday, January 24 from 6-8pm at the Twentieth gallery in Los Angeles. Please to attend.

     Dancers Candace Cane, Lauren Avon and Ghislain Grellier. Stills from Surface by David Van Eyssen, 2019.

  5. Surface Table Limited Edition by Established & Sons

    Surface Table Limited Edition by Established & Sons

    Twentieth is proud to present the Six Meter Limited Edition Surface Table for the first time in North America.

    Fusing advanced engineering and artful design, the Limited Edition Surface Table from Established & Sons is the result of a pioneering collaboration between furniture designer Terence Woodgate and Formula 1 engineer John Barnard. The super-slim carbon fiber composite table––one of only twenty ever made––spans almost twenty feet in length with an edge thickness of two millimeters that visually defies what is possible.

    The Surface Table uses state-of-the-art auto-sport technology to exploit the inherent strength and rigidity of carbon fiber, handcrafted at the industry’s leading carbon fiber facility alongside the designs of Ferrari, Ducati, McLaren, Porsche, and Lamborghini. As Woodgate describes the design process, "The definition of a table is a horizontal supported surface, so we decided to try and make it just that: a surface with no real thickness." This is made possible with over one million black carbon fiber strands revealed in the dark mirror-like quality of the black surface. Radius corners, domed feet and rounded edges accentuate the elegance of the piece.

    Sublimely detailed, exquisitely proportioned, and constructed with the utmost technical precision, the table blends revolutionary engineering with timeless design to create an undeniably beautiful piece. The Limited Edition Surface Table will be displayed at the Twentieth showroom on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles now through December.
  6. MELTFORMS by Videre Licet

    THE NEW gallery presents a new exhibition, MELTFORMS by Videre Licet, an exploration of materiality and luminosity.

    Meltforms consists of a series of glass and metal sculptural lightboxes illuminated with internal LED lights. Attracted to the natural beauty of glass and its luminous qualities, Videre Licet set up their own small glass studio and worked with various glass craftspeople and facilities to produce a new series of glass works. Each piece is unique, produced as different colors of glass are melted in furnaces and poured onto a steel plate, where they are folded into each other while molten and then rolled through a steel mill to flatten them into sheets, creating unique patterns as the glass colors melt and fuse into each other.

    The sequencing of similar but non-continuous imagery into organic wholes using multiple parts relates to a common theme in artist, Daniele Albright’s art photography practice. In visual perception, the pattern making inclinations of the mind naturally favor the creation of connection over discontinuity. Visual pattern making and connection is connected to larger cognitive processes and subconsciously informs how we understand the world—luminosity, pattern and color are primal as well as phenomena that lead us into higher states of mind.

    After the exclusive opening at THE NEW gallery on October 25, 2018, Meltforms will be on view next door to the Twentieth showroom through January 2019.

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