Stickbulb X Collection: Light Table

designer: Stickbulb

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  • Stickbulb X Collection Light Table
  • Stickbulb X Collection
  • Stickbulb X Collection Light Table

The Light Table is a single octagonal closed shape with Bronzed Glass top. Bulbs are available in 2ft lengths. Wood options include sustainably sourced maple or walnut, reclaimed heart pine, reclaimed water tower redwood, or ebonized oak and hardware in polished cast brass. The Light Table is supplied with an eight foot cord, soft- touch three-stage dimmer and a detachable adapter.

Available in Maple, Walnut, Reclaimed Heart Pine, Ebonized Oak, and Reclaimed Water Tower Redwood

Polished Brass

Bronzed Glass

28”L x 28”W x 24”H

Bulb length: (12) x 2ft units

Fixture weight: 20lbs

Cord Length: 9 Feet

Voltage: 100-240V 50-60hz

Bulbs available in Standard Brightness (SB) only Bulb type: (12) X 12V LED modules

Lamp type: LED, 3000K (standard option)

Custom color temperatures: 2400K, 2700K, 4000K or 6500K Standard brightness CRI Rating: 94.222

Light output: 1244 ln Wattage Draw: 62 W

Leadtime: 16 weeks