Current Exhibition

Metropolitan Sets
by Mattia Biagi

15 February – 15 May 2019
7466 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles

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This series expresses the personal investigation of the artist straddling life and death, nature and civilization, preservation and transformation. The images used to build the bodies of the pieces are references emerging from a lifetime of photographic clippings accumulated in the midst of magazines, pornography, art history, and personal photos. This anthology of memories, visions and experiences allows Biagi to draw directly from his subconscious to create three-dimensional statuary collages.


THE NEW presents rotating exhibitions throughout the year, featuring exclusive, limited edition pieces from internationally renowned designers as well as contemporary works from emerging artists that explore the crosscurrents of art and design.
Launched in 2016 by Stefan Lawrence, founder of Twentieth, and co-curated by artist Daniele Albright, THE NEW is located next door to Twentieth’s Los Angeles gallery.