Oracle Twin

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In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to interface wise counsel or prophetic prediction of the future. As such it was a form of divination. Oracles were thought to be the medium through which the gods spoke directly to people.

Sculptural in presence & resonating with symbolism, Oracle brings a touch of the Bronze Age crossed with the 21st century. Interlocking rings inlaid with LED create optical effects of dancing mid-air in a weave of the simple and highly complex

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Lead Time:

14-16 weeks

Designer: Christopher Boots

MATERIALS: brass, gallium, polymer

FINISHES: Aged Brass, Brushed Brass, Hand Rubbed Brass, Dark Bronze, Mottled Patina

DIMENSIONS: (EX = exterior lamping; IN = interior lamping)

600-IN / 600-EX - 72 Watts - 39.4" x 23.6" Ø   1000mm x 600mm Ø

600-IN / 900-EX - 90 Watts - 45.3" x 35.4" Ø  1150mm x 900mm Ø

900-IN / 900-EX - 108 Watts - 51.2" x 35.4" Ø  1300mm x 900mm Ø

1200-IN / 1200-IN - 145 Watts - 70.9" x 47.2" Ø  1800mm x 1200mm Ø

WEIGHT: Starts at 22lbs / 10kg

LAMPING: 2500–2700K Warm White; 3000–3300K Neutral White; 6000–6500K Cool White

SUSPENSION: Angled Cable or Vertical Cable

CEILING CANOPY: Linear; to suit selected configuration


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