Christopher Boots - Elemental at THE NEW


PRESS RELEASE: June 23, 2016 - (Los Angeles) On June 23rd 2016, THE NEW, a gallery project by Twentieth, will debut with “Elemental”, an exhibition by Christopher Boots featuring new and limited edition works. Coinciding with the Los Angeles Design Festival, the event also marks the launch of THE NEW, a separate exhibition space located adjacent to Twentieth. 
Based in Melbourne, Boots received an industrial design degree in 2005 from Australia’s National School of Design. Since founding his studio in 2011 his work has grown an international following and includes projects for Hermes and the National Gallery of Victoria.
Christopher Boots - Smokey Asterix
Smokey Asterix
Christopher Boots Nepenthes
Using elemental materials such as iron, copper, quartz crystal and even gallium, Boots produces works that combine technical skill with a refined formal sensibility.
Boots references his Greek heritage frequently, and his embrace of foundational themes of Greek thought such as Geometry, Beauty and Mythology permeate the work.
Greek philosophy’s quest was to distill all things to their essence, their most elemental. Whether in Euclid’s elements of geometry or Democritus’ first concept of the atom, Greek thought explored the possibilities of nature’s abstracted and universal essence.
Diamond Ring by Christopher Boots
Diamond Ring
Crystal Orp by Christopher Boots
Crystal Orp
That a fascination with paring down nature to its essence coexisted in a culture that simultaneously embraced the elaborate dramas and narratives of mythology is not lost on Boots. Just as a fascination with nature’s elemental forms persist from ancient times to now, so does a celebration of the human theatricality that surrounds them.
THE NEW is a gallery project by Stefan Lawrence focusing primarily on limited edition design and is co-curated by Daniele Albright.
The space is directly adjacent to Twentieth.

Oracle Triplet
Christopher Boots Prometheus I and 2
Prometheus I and II

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